Local Golf Memberships

Local Members have to belong to the Motherclub to qualify for a golf membership. Local Membership Fee’s are broken down as follows:

Frequently Asked Questions

How do my Partner & I qualify for Couples’ Memberships?

Couples must be engaged to qualify for Couples’ Memberships, however it is preferable if they are married.

Country Members

Patrons living +30km out of town qualify for Country Memberships

Student Members

Patrons currently completing tertiary education qualify for Student Memberships and must produce a valid student card when paying for their round.

Scholar Members

Golfers age 18 and younger qualify for Scholar Memberships

Can Local Members Qualify for Virtual Memberships

Yes, Local Members can qualify for Virtual Memberships, but are reminded that Virtual Member’s are limited to six rounds of golf at the Greytown Golf Course at Local Prices, after which they must pay Visitors Green Fees

Apply for a local Membership here

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