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To qualify as a local golf member patrons must hold a Motherclub membership

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Green Fees (Visitors)

Frequently Asked Questions

General Golf FAQs

What are the External Golf Subscription Fee’s for?

To obtain an official South African Handicap card & simultaneously be registered as an Affiliated Amateur Golfer in South Africa a set amount of a patron’s golf club fees are paid by the golf club to which they belong to the necessary golf governing bodies. This set amount is loosely known as an External Subscription Fee and each golf club in the country is responsible for paying this fee to the relevant governing bodies on their registered golfers’ behalves. Golf Clubs in Kwa-Zulu Natal pay these subscription fees to SAGA and KZNGU. To ensure continued support of local golf clubs around the country amateur golfers cannot pay this External Subscription Fee directly to SAGA & KZNGU to obtain their Official Handicap & status as an Affiliated Golfer. The sign up process must be facilitated through a registered golf club.

Who is SAGA?

The South African Golf Association (SAGA) is the governing body for the male amateur golf in South Africa. Formed in 1992 as the South African Golf Federation the name was changed to SAGA in 1997. For more information on SAGA go to http://history.saga.co.za

Who is WGSA?

Womens Golf South Africa (WGSA) is the governing body for the female amateur golf in South Africa. For more information on WGSA please see their Facebook page: WGSA (Womens Golf South Africa)

Who is GolfRSA?

GolfRSA is the unified body of SAGA and WGSA, administering, operating and providing service to amateur golf in South Africa

Who is KZNGU?

KZNGU is the Kwa-Zulu Natal Golf Union. For more information please visit http://www.kzngolf.co.za.

How do I Qualify as a Student Golf Member?

Golfers currently completing tertiary education qualify for Student Memberships and must produce a valid student card when paying for their round.

How do I Qualify as a Scholar Golf Member?

Golfers 18 and under qualify as Scholar Golf Members and must present a valid ID upon registration.

How do I Qualify as a Senior and Sages Golfer?

Answer coming soon

What does it mean to be an Affiliated Golfer?

Once a golfer has registered & paid his or her annual membership fees & their golf club has paid the External Subscription Fees portion of those fees to the relevant governing bodies, that golfer obtains an Official South African Handicap Card & is known as an Affiliated Golfer. Affiliated Golfers are entitled to pay Affiliated Golfers Visitors Green Fees at any Golf Course in the Country that offers them. These Green Fees will still be more expensive than those payed by clubs’ own local members, but will be cheaper than the Green Fees charged to Golfer’s not registered with SAGA. Affiliation and Reciprocity are often mistaken, however, they are not the same thing. Affiliation in South African, in short, means you are registered with SAGA or WGSA respectively.

What is Reciprocity?

Certain Golf Clubs around the Country (and in some cases, internationally) have Reciprocity arrangements with one another. These arrangements afford the local members of each club in the Reciprocal Relationship Reciprocity Visitors Green Fees. These Green Fees are normally only marginally more expensive than what a local member of the actual club would pay. For example Greytown, St. Cathryn’s & Noodsberg Golf Clubs all have reciprocity with one another &, therefore, the members of all three clubs enjoy less expensive visitors Green Fee’s when playing at either of the other two clubs.

How Does Scoring in Golf Work?

See Link for explanation Video.

Local Member’s FAQs

How do my Partner & I qualify for Couples’ Memberships?

Couples must be engaged to qualify for Couples’ Memberships, however it is preferable if they are married.

Which Clubs does the Greytown Golf Club have Reciprocity With?

Currently St. Cathryn’s Golf Club & Noodsberg Golf Club

Tournament FAQs

What is a Shotgun Start?

Answer coming soon

What is a Better Ball Format?

Answer coming soon
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