Pearson Farmequip Development Golf Day

2021 Pearson Farmequip Development Golf Day

On Sunday the 6th of June the Greytown Golf Club Hosted the first annual Pearson Farmequip Development Golf Day. Pearson Farmequip would like to say a massive thank you to the many generous sponsors who contributed to this day sponsoring a wide variety of prizes such as food hampers, golf gear & cash prizes to airtime bundles & a chicken for all 19 participants. Many thanks to Greytown Country Club; Greytown Golf Club; Jack Mason; Ashook Aheer; Niren Aheer; Rob Tarr of RBJ; Linda & Dawie Pieterse; Joha Wilkin of Greytown Beer Distributors; Dean Brown of Pidelta; & Tim Chisale from Cato Ridge. We’d also like to say a special thank you to Tubby & Gareth Larkan from the Golf Committee for ensuring such a smoothly run event and to Isaac Khumalo for his endless enthusiasm & energy for the game.

Greytown Golf Club are incredibly excited about the progress of our Development Golfers. We currently have fifteen development players who regularly travel the province to participate in other club’s tournaments and are our wonderful ambassadors. Always willing to play with and coach our local members when available their enthusiasm is a credit to the club. On Sunday a Development Golf Clinic was run in conjunction with the Golf Day & a huge thank you must be said to M. Thusi & T. Chisale for coaching the kids who attended the clinic.

Welldone to Skhumbuzo Buthelezi on winning the Men’s A division with a gross score of 74 and Nhlanhla Khanyile on winning the Men’s B division with a gross score of 79. This is now an annual event and we look forward to seeing you all again next year. The full fields’ results are:

Men’s A DivisionGross Score
1S. Buthelezi74
2X. Khumalo76
3O. Ndawonde76
4S. Dlamini80
5B. Ngonyama83
T. ChisaleWithdrew
J. MlangeniWithdrew
2021 Pearson Farmequip Development Gold Day Men’s A Division Results

Men’s B DivisionGross Score
1N. Khanyile79
2D. Dlamini82
3G. Ngubane83
4I. Khumalo85
5M. Khumalo89
6M. Thusi95
7L. Daniels97
8M. Ndlovu101
9M. Mthembu101
10S. Shange102
11N. Mhlambo105
12T. Ngubane107
2021 Pearson Farmequip Development Gold Day Men’s B Division Results

See the Greytown Country Club’s Facebook Page for the day’s Photo Gallery:

2021 Pearson Farmequip Development Golf Day Photo Album

Arcadia Golf Weekend Results

The 7th annual AHEERS Arcadia Golf weekend was held on 29 & 30 May 2021. The players tee’d off on Saturday at St Cathryn’s at 11:00.

The winners of Day One were father and son Manie & Lushan Estherhuizen from Riverside on 44 points, closely followed Piet Nel and Mike Harrison on 43 points and Nico Schneider and Phil Waller on 42 points.

The players then played Day Two at Greytown and with only 3 points separating the top 6 teams the tussle was on.

Fritz Volker and Andre Liddemore had a good second day scoring 44 points and therefore winning Day Two.

Consistency over both days meant that Lushan and Manie Estherhuizen came out on top with a total of 86 points.


  1. L & M Estherhuizen 86
  2. P Nel & M Harrison 84
  3. T & M Muller 81

Thank you to both St Cathryn’s and Greytown Country Club for their generosity, through the reduction of green fees, and their hospitality over the weekend. Thank you Piet & Johan and their staff for the condition of both the courses, which all the players really enjoyed.

ARCADIA would like to thank the following sponsors for their generosity:
Blue Crest Holdings
Build It – Greytown
Chubby Chickens
CPS Seedlings
Diedricks Panelbeaters
Engen Greytown
Greytown Country Club
Platt Plant Services
Rhino Charcoal
St Cathryn’s
Umvoti Fuel & Oil
Uncle Fish’s Meats

Lastly, thank you to all the players. We had a full field of 48 players, up from 36 last year. A special thanks to the Riverside players for making the effort to come up and support us. Thank you to all the players, this weekend would not happen without your support.

Arcadia Golf Weekend 2021 Winners on 86 Points: Father & Son Duo L. & M. Estherhuizen
Arcadia Golf Weekend 2021 Runners up on 84 Points: P. Nel & M. Harrison

Full Field Results

PlayersSt. Cathryn’s TotalGreytown TotalFinal Total
L. &. M Estherhuizen444286
P. Nel & M. Harrison434184
T. & M. Muller404181
M. & G. Hayes413980
N. Schneider & P. Waller423779
R. Rencken & E. Habermann413879
J.L. Rawstorne & P. Hardy403979
M. & Y. Sewraj394079
F. Bartels & T. Kelly413778
B. van der Ryst & S. Jackson383977
F. Volker & A. Liddemore334477
M. Scott & V. Roopai383876
O. Naidoo & M. Platt344276
S. Brown & T. Marcovich383876
D. Cunningham & J. Dammann373976
D. Meyer & K. Price393675
P. du Preez & T. Gifford363975
R. Cyrus & R. Tarr344175
G. Scott & K. Stephen383775
C. Armitage & B. Venter383573
E. Kassier & C. Hooper363571
D. Brown & M. Brown353368
S. van der Merwe & B. Zuma333467
G. Ngubane & B. Ngonyama313162
Full Field’s Results at the 2021 Arcadia Golf Weekend held at St. Cathryn’s & Greytown Golf Club this weekend.

Photo Highlights

Follow this link to view the much larger photo album on Facebook

2021 Arcadia Golf Weekend | Day 2 Photos

Draw for Saturday 29 May

Shotgun start at 11:00 at St. Cathryn’s | Players are please to be at the course by 10:15 am

Starting Teebox at 11:00Fourballs
D. Brown & M. Brown
J. Breytenbach & R. Tarr
O. Naidoo & M. Platt
S. van der Merwe & B. Zuma
S. Brown & T. Marcovich
Holme Lacy
G. Ngubane & B. Ngonyama
4thM. Sewraj & Y. Sewraj
G. Scott & K. Stephen
5thF. Bartels & T. Kelly
R. Rencken & R. Fortmann
P. Nel & M. Harrison
M. Hayes & G. Hayes
D. Meyer & K. Price
B. van der Ryst & S. Jackson
N. Schneider & P. Waller

E.T. Ntuli & M. Johannes
T. Muller & M. Muller
L. Esterhuizen & M. Esterhuizen
D. Cunningham & J. Damman
C. Armitage & B. Venter
M. Scott & V. Roopai

F. Volker & A. Liddemore
J.L. Rawstorne & P. Hardy
P. du Preez & T. Gifford
2021 Arcadia Golf Weekend Saturday Shotgun Start Teeboxes at St. Cathryn’s Country Golf Estate

Draw for Sunday 30 May

Shotgun start at 08:00 at Greytown Golf Course | Players are please to be at the course by 07:15 am

Starting Teebox at 08:00Fourballs
D. Meyer & K. Price
M. Hayes & G. Hayes
M. Scott & V. Roopai
J. Breytenbach & R. Tarr
D. Brown & M. Brown
C. Armitage & B. Venter
P. Nel & M. Harrison
B. van der Ryst & S. Jackson
4thF. Volker & A. Liddemore
S. Brown & T. Marcovich
J.L. Rawstorne & P. Hardy
G. Scott & K. Stephen
6thM. Sewraj & Y. Sewraj
R. Rencken & R. Fortmann
6thF. Bartels & T. Kelly
T. Muller & M. Muller
L. Esterhuizen & M. Esterhuizen
D. Cunningham & J. Damman
S. van der Merwe & B. Zuma
Holme Lacy
G. Ngubane & B. Ngonyama
P. du Preez & T. Gifford
E.T. Ntuli & M. Johannes
O. Naidoo & M. Platt
N. Schneider & P. Waller
2021 Arcadia Golf Weekend Saturday Shotgun Start Teeboxes at Greytown Golf Course

Rules & General Information

Pete Koller Internal Winter League Results 2021

Finals Results

9 June

Teams 2 and 4 went into the Plate Final with Team 4 leading by 26 points and the points difference between our Finalists, Team 1 and 3, only 5 points.

A great evening of competitive squash was played despite a 30 minute interlude due to load-shedding & an overloaded generator’s shenanigans. The final points tally of the Finals & Plate Finals Fixtures determined 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th Place.

Thank you once again to our generous sponsors, RTS, for sponsoring prizes, a new wall fan for the main court & for joining in the fun last night, we loved having you and hope to see you at the courts more often.

Well done and thank you to everyone who participated! What fantastic fun this has been. As you can see from the points below, the scores were all SUPER close and our tournament winners only won by a hair’s breadth of two points whilst only four points separated the teams in the plate final! Welldone to the Underdogs, Team 2 for snatching victory from their competition last night.

Court 1

Jack22Clive T31
Total Points130 Total Points 132

Court 2

Clive E23Martin32
Total Points138 Total Points 134

Overall Results thus far

Round 1,2 & 3 Results Summary
Our 2021 Pete Koller Internal Winter league Squash Players and our tournament sponsors from RTS.

Link to the Facebook Album & Photos will be uploaded soon.

Week 3 Results

2 June

Court 1

Total Points156 Total Points 103

Court 2

Yusuf21Clive T28
Clive E24Justine27
Total Points124 Total Points 144

Overall Results thus far

Round 1,2 & 3 Results Summary

Week 2 Results

26 May

Court 1

Martin29Clive E.26
Total Points118 Total Points 100

Court 2

Clive T.31Jack21
Total Points142 Total Points 119

Overall Results thus far

Round 1 & 2 Results Summary

Week 1 Results

19 May 2021

Court 1

Conrad33Clive E.20
Total Points158 Total Points 109

Court 2

Clive T.33Iain19
Total Points152 Total Points 124

2021 Teams

no. 1sLiamVijayKeveenDawiePaddy
no. 2sConradClive E.JustineMartinHerman
no. 3sJackJulianClive T.IainYusuf
no. 4sDarrenDarylManoj.Mike
no. 5sJiteshRudolfLeahHannah


With his move to Howick this year putting some distance between Pete & the Greytown Squash Community, the Club would like say a HUGE thank you to Pete for his phenomenal contribution to squash in Greytown. Pete has been a pillar of the Greytown Squash Club for 22 years, since he arrived in Greytown in 1999. With the help of our generous & fitting sponsors, RTS, we are hosting the inaugural Pete Koller Internal Winter League this year to honour a wonderful Sportsman & contributor to our community (& hopefully entice him back to Greytown every Wednesday for the next four weeks).


Games start at 16:30 Wednesday Evenings.

Three weeks of Round Robin format with a Final; Plate Final & Prize Giving


Every player plays three games per match.

11 points to win & win by 2 points each game.

Scorecards will be made available.

Both Teams must have a Ref & Marker combination for each player’s game.

Recommended reffing structure:

Order of PlayNo. 5s No. 3s
No. 4s No. 5s
No. 3s No. 4s
No. 2s No. 1s
No. 1s No. 2s


POINTS will be tallied to determine the top teams, so don’t give them away.

If a teammate doesn’t pitch for a match & a reserve cannot fill in in time teams will receive 0 points for that player’s match.

Please give our Reserves sufficient notice if you need them to fill in.

R10 Fines apply for:

Foul Language on court

Serving out

Racket Abuse

Plennegy Golf Day

Plennegy Golf Day May 2021 Greytown Golf Club
Plennegy Golf Day May 2021 Greytown Golf Club
Matthew Crowe Teeing off the 1st Teebox at the Plennegy Golf Day May 2021, Greytown Golf Club

On Saturday 8th May Plennegy hosted their annual Plennegy Golf Day at the Greytown Country Club. With well supported morning and afternoon fields, our 52 participants enjoyed 18 holes of competitive golf in typically glorious, Greytown autumn weather.

A huge thank you to Natalie Hechter & Daryl Arbuckle for organizing and running a wonderful day of Golf and welldone to all our winners.

Top 5 Fourballs

1st PlaceN. Ngobo
M. Thusi
H. Msomi
S. van der Merwe
2nd PlaceD. Meyer
T. Larkan
R. Cyrus
D. Cunningham
3rd PlaceG. Ngubane
B. Mhlangeni
S. Buthelezi
4th PlaceP. du Preez
J. Lloyd Rawstorne
P. Hardy
R. Kimber
5th PlaceD. Pieterse
L. Pieterse
K. Isaacs
H. Jewwaskiewitz
Plennegy Golf Day 2021 Winners | Greytown Golf Club

Plennegy Square Winners

Golfers who land in the Plennegy Square off the 10th Teebox share the R4000 prize. Congratulations to our 2021 Plennegy Square winners

K. Isaacs
S. Buthelezi
B. Mlangeni
Plennegy Square 2021 Winners | Greytown Golf Club

Longest Drive

Ladies 11th TeeboxLinda Pieterse
Men’s 11th TeeboxPeter Hardy
Plennegy Golf Day 2021 Longest Drives | Greytown Golf Club

Closest to the Pin

3rd HoleB. Mhlangeni
8th HoleD. Brown
12th HoleH. Msomi
Closest to the pin for two on the 9th HoleD. Meyer
Plennegy Golf Day 2021 Closest to the Pin | Greytown Golf Club

Two Clubs

T. Larkan
D. Cunningham
D. Meyer
J.L. Rawstorne
E. Dlamini
R. Odendaal
B. Mhlangeni
Plennegy Golf Day 2021 Two Clubs | Greytown Golf Club

Plennegy Golf Day 2021 Photo Gallery

Jen’s Jug

The new format for Jen’s Jug was exceptionally supported this year, with a full field of 52 players. Thank you so much to our Jen’s Jug sponsors, the Mason Family, for a wonderful day of golf and to all our participants for your support.

2021 Results

Juanita MasonMurray MasonColinPaul116
Ciska AndrewsClintSeanAnt113
Linda PieterseDawie PieterseMarkMark112
NicoleRyanDavid Owen109
Marianne BrownDean BrownIsaac KhumaloBig Boy107
Lee-Megs LarkanTubby LarkanJames MJack Ridl106
Amanda BartonKelvinGoodboyRichard98
Pam PaulJames dNLouwRichard C86
Jen PlattMartinMike BarrowRobin84
2021 Jen’s Jug Results Greytown Golf Course

Nearest to the Pin (Ladies 17th)


Nearest to the Pin (Mens 12th)

Mark Scott

Longest Drive (Ladies 11th)

Ciska Andrews

Longest Drive (Mens 11th)

Peter Hardy

Torlage Match Play Cup

The Torlage Match play was started in 1938 and was played up until 2004. This year the Greytown Golf Committee is re-introducing the competition.

The Torlage Match Play Cup is a playoff between the top eight ranked male golfers of the Greytown Golf Championship. If any of the highest ranked golfers decline the invitation to participate in the Torlage Match play, the opportunity is offered to the Championship participant with the next highest ranking.

This year’s top eight ranked golfers are:

GolferHandicapGross Score
1D. Cunningham146
2D. Watson146
3S. Buthelezi149
4O. Ndawonde150
5X. Khumalo154
6T. Mzila156
7J.L. Rawstorne158
8H. Msomi

The first round of the 2021 Torlage Match Play will be played until the end of May 2021. The fixtures between the top eight Championship players will be set & player pairs may then decided when to play their fixtures before the end of May.

Thereafter, the date of the Semi-finals and Finals will be allocated.

1st Round of 2021 Torlage Match Play

Player APlayer BDate PlayedResult
Dave CunninghamJohn-Lloyd RawstorneD. Cunningham through to Semi finals 2 & 1 Victory
Dave WatsonThuba MzilaNAT. Mzila withdrew due to Injury
S. ButheleziH. Msomi NAS. Buthelezi through to Semi’s as H. Msomi forfeited
O. NdawondeX. KhumaloX. Khumalo through to Semi’s after winning 3 & 2.
2021 Torlage Match Play Round 1 Results

Semi Final

Welldone to our Semi Finalists

D. Cunningham

D. Watson

S. Buthelezi

O. Ndawonde

Farmers Agri-Care Greytown Club Championship

On the 10th & 11th of April the Farmers Agri-Care Greytown Club Championship, sponsored by Patrick O’Sullivan, was held at the Greytown Country Club. A fantastic field of twenty five men and five ladies played thirty six holes over the course of the two days.

By the end of the first 18 holes on Saturday the Men’s A Division was lead by Skumbus Buthelezi (74 points); David Cunningham (73 points) and David Watson (72 points). The B Division was lead by Thuba Mzila and the C Division lead by Yash Sewraj.

After thirty-six holes of intense golf it came down to the wire in the Men’s A Division with Dave Cunningham & Dave Watson being equal after the two rounds, each with 146 points. This lead to a play off on the 1st, 8th and 9th holes that had the whole field of participants & caddies re-walking the course to spectate. First off was Dave Cunningham (D.C.) who shot a great drive, middle of the fairway, nearly pin high. Davie Watson (D.W.) with a bit of venom in his drive, pumped it straight over the back of the green into the rough. Cunningham came up with a good chip, leaving himself about three metres for birdie. Watson chipped up from the rough, not a bad recovery.  D.C. then stepped up & drained the putt with a great putt for birdie; Watson missed his putt & tapped in for par.

Onto the eight: Cunningham pulls his shot a bit- a little bit on the fringe on the left-hand side. Watson hits a great shot in, about three metres away. Cunningham chips up a little bit short, but still his putt, D.C. drains another great clutch putt for par. Watson misses the birdie putt, leaving himself a tap in. Unfortunately, Watson hits it a bit hard for the tap in & smacks the plastic ring of the hole, his ball popping out to sit on the lip with a very confused Watson looking at it.

They move on to the ninth, D.C. two up. Cunningham drives into the pine trees on the right, dropping down into the rough. Watson steps up, the anger of the last hole understandably showing, and he smashes his drive down the right-hand rough on the ninth. Cunningham punches out of the rough, leaving himself just short of the green. Watson steps up, hits a great pitch to about  three metres away from the pin.  Cunningham chips up close, still his put though, he drains it, its all over, Cunningham takes it from Dave Watson to win his First Club Champs Title. Well played Dave Cunningham.

The Ladies Championship was won by Linda Pieterse (36 points) whilst second and third places were secured by Mother-Daughter combo, Marianne Brown (33 points) and Hayley Brown (31 points).

Welldone to Thuba Mzila for winning the Men’s B Division with 156 points and the Best Net Score of the weekend of 132 points and congratulations to Richard Cyrus who won both the Men’s C Division and the Kohne Trohpy for the Senior Golf Champion with 69 points. Scroll down for the full list of results.

A huge thanks once again to Paddy O’Sullivan for sponsoring a wonderful weekend of golf and to Johan, Humphrey and the rest of the team at the GCC for the beautiful condition of the course this weekend.

Paddy O’Sullivan | Thuba Mzila | David Cunningham | Humphrey Msomi | Linda Pieterse | Richard Cyrus

H. J. Comins Esq 1927 Trophy

Men’s A Division Golf Champion

1stDavid Cunningham146 Points
2ndDavid Watson
3rdS. Buthelezi

The Harris Cup

Ladies Golf Champion

1stLinda Pieterse36 Points
2ndMarianne Brown33 Points
3rdHayley Brown31 Points

A.G. Downard Esq. Muden Trophy

Men’s B Division Golf Champion

1stThuba Mzila156 Points
2ndSean Brown
3rdBig Boy Ngubane

Frances, Nel & Stevens Trophy

Men’s C Division Golf Champion

1stRichard Cyrus69 Points
2ndY. Seraj68 Points
3rdO. Naidoo32 Points

Kohne Trophy

Senior Golf Champion

1stRichard Cyrus39 Points

Umvoti Bottle Store Trophy

Best Net Score

1stThuba Mzila132 Points

Men’s Longest Drive

H. Msomi

Ladies Longest Drive

Marianne Brown

Closest to the Pin

J-L Rawstorne x2

H. Msomi

Hole in One

John Mlangeni (8th Hole)

Thank you to all our participants in this weekend

B. Mlongeni
B. Pearson
B. Ngonyama
D. Brown
D. Cunningham
D. Watson
G. Larkan
H. Brown
H. Msomi
I. Khumalo
I. Meyer
J. Mlongeni
J. Ridl
J.L. Rawstorne
L. Martens
L. Pieterse
M. Brown
M. Sewraj
M. Thusi
O. Naidoo
O. Ndawonde
P. Harilal
P. O’Sullivan
R. Cyrus
S. Brown
S. Buthelezi
S. Dlamini
S. van der Merwe
T. Larkan
T. Sewraj
X. Khumalo
Y. Sewraj

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