Midlands Quadrangular Golf Series 2021

2021 Results

Brief Summary of each round

The first round of the 2021 Midlands Quadrangular Golf Series, hosted by St. Cathryn’s Country Golf Estate on the 16th of January, produced a tight set of results leaving only decimals separating the top three teams. The nine man St. Cathryn’s team showcased some classy consistency & cohesion to contend with Noodsberg’s superstars losing the day by a meagre 0.24 points. After Round 1 Noodsberg’s Rudi Misselhorn leads the individual stableford with 41 Points. Final Team average scores: [N: 29.83] | [SC: 29.56] | [G: 29] and [MR: 27.27].

Round 2, hosted by Noodsberg on the 24th of April, saw Mooi River making a major comeback. After whittling down their team from eleven to seven, the MR
team achieved the highest average team score of 31.86 points this round, skyrocketing them up to 2nd position in the series, with Barry Veenstra & Luke Goldstone making massive contributions to their team. However, it still wasn’t enough to dethrone the Noodsberg powerhouse who brought their A game to their home course & lead the series with a total of 60.36 points. Meanwhile, neighbours St. Cathryn’s & Greytown kept things pretty tight for overall 3rd & 4th position after this second round. Round 2s team averages: [MR: 31.86] | [N: 30.53] | [SC: 27.3] and [G: 27.42]

Round 3 was Greytown’s turn to leverage the home course advantage on the 21st of August and our golfers did not disappoint. Peter Hardy put Greytown on the map in the individual stableford rankings by winning the day on 39 points. The comparatively populous twelve-man Greytown team performed as a well-oiled unit to produce the highest team average of the series, 34.42, usurping from Mooi River their hard won 2nd position in the series! Round 3s team averages: [G: 34.42] | [N: 32.63] | [SC: 29.00] and [MR 28.67]

The fourth and final round will be held at Mooi River Golf Course on the 16th of October. Keep Scrolling for each rounds’ results breakdown. Thank you to everyone who has joined in the fun thus far and we hope to see you all on the 16th. Special mention: Well done to the following eighteen players who have played all three rounds of the series & well done to Noel Bradley for the most consistent golf across all three courses: 

GolferTotal PointsTeamR1R2R3
Peter Hardy101G253739
Rudi Misselhorn100N412435
Kevin Pistorius96G332934
Mike Harrison95SC283235
Steve van der Merwe94G312637
Rowen Wortmann93N273135
Gareth Larkan92G322733
Andrew Bouwer92MR293132
Vijay Roopai91G292735
Andre Liddemore91SC362728
Fanie van Wyk91SC323227
Campbell Lister88N302830
Fred Bartels88N272338
Piet Nel86SC312134
Noel Bradley85MR292828
Dieter Meyer84SC322626
David Cunnigham81G252333
Fritz Volker70SC232720
Midlands Quadrangular Series 2021 Golfers
Midlands Quadrangular Series 2021 Results Round 1
Midlands Quadrangular Series 2021 Results Round 2
Midlands Quadrangular Series 2021 Results Round 3

Breakdown of Team Points

HostGreytownMooi RiverNoodsbergSt. Cathryn’s
St. Cathryn’s 16 January29.0027.2729.8329.56
Noodsberg 24 April27.4231.8630.5327.3
Greytown 21 August34.4228.6732.6329.00
Mooi River 16 October
Total to date:90.8485.8692.9987.52
Midlands Quadrangular Series 2021 Results

2021 Teams

GreytownMooi RiverNoodsbergSt. Cathryns
16 JanuaryP. Hardy [25]
K. Pistorius [33]
S. van der Merwe [31]
G. Larkan [32]
V. Roopai [29]
D. Cunningham [25]
D. Pieterse [34]
O. Naidoo [32]
R. Cyrus [28]
M. Steyn [31]
M. Sewraj [27]
Y. Sewraj [21]
A. Bouwer [29]
N. Bradley [29]
B. Veenstra [25]
L. Goldstone [26]
J. Damman [34]
H. Bowler [24]
G. Els [32]
N. Barnard [29]
J. Berning [26]
M. Cannon [24]
A. Botha [22]
R. Misselhorn [41]
R. Wortmann [27]
C. Lister [30]
F. Bartels [27]
V. Drogemoller [37]
A. Albers [24]
H. Eggers [29]
J. Fortune [30]
D. Marx [26]
J. Hilerman [26]
M. Emmanuel [31]
H. Habermann [30]
M. Harrison [28]
A. Liddemore [36]
F. van Wyk [32]
P. Nel [31]
D. Meyer [32]
F. Volker [23]
T. Muller [29]
M. Muller [26]
W. Marais [29]
24 AprilP. Hardy [37]
K. Pistorius [29]
S. van der Merwe [26]
G. Larkan [27]
V. Roopai [27]
D. Cunningham [23]
D. Pieterse [32]
D. Brown [32]
S. Brown [26]
O. Naidoo [25]
N. Schneider [26]
M. Pretorius [19]
A. Bouwer [31]
N. Bradley [28]
B. Veenstra [40]
L. Goldstone [38]
J. Damman [29]
L. Serafino [31]
H. Bowler [26]
R. Misselhorn [24]
R. Wortmann [31]
C. Lister [28]
F. Bartels [23]
A. Albers [38]
H. Eggers [33]
D. Meyer [30]
J. Fortune [28]
D. Marx [30]
J. Hilerman [30]
R. Hillermann [38]
W. Meyer [37]
R. Schulz [34]
K. Meyer [32]
R. Eggers [22]
M. Harrison [32]
A. Liddemore [27]
F. van Wyk [32]
P. Nel [21]
D. Meyer [26]
F. Volker [27]
T. Muller [27]
M. Muller [18]
G. Tonkin [34]
M. Scott [29]
21 AugustD. Cunningham [33]
D. Watson [37]
D. Brown [34]
D. Reed [33]
G. Larkan [33]
K. Pistorius [34]
P. Hardy [39]
R. Cyrus [28]
S. Brown [37]
S. van der Merwe [37]
U. van Wyk [33]
V. Roopai [35]
A. Bouwer [32]
K. Gerrard [31]
L. Olivier [25]
L. Sarafino [30]
N. Bradley [28]
T. Hume [26]
B. Hirschowitz [28]
C. Lister [30]
D. Meyer [30]
F. Bartels [38]
M. Mason [35]
R. Wortmann [35]
R. Misselhorn [35]
V. Drogemoller [30]
A. Liddemore [28]
D. Meyer [26]
F. van Wyk [27]
F. Volker [20]
M. van Wyk [33]
M. Harrison [35]
P. Nel [34]
16 October

Plennegy Golf Day 2022

On Saturday 14 May Plennegy hosted their annual Plennegy Golf Day at the Greytown Country Club. With well supported morning and afternoon fields, our participants enjoyed 18 holes of competitive golf in typically glorious, Greytown autumn weather.

A huge thank you to Natalie Hechter & Daryl Arbuckle for organizing and running a wonderful day of Golf and welldone to all our winners.

Results TBC

1st Place
2nd Place
3rd Place
4th Place
5th Place
Plennegy Golf Day 2022 Winners | Greytown Golf Club

Plennegy Square Winners

Golfers who land in the Plennegy Square off the 10th Teebox share the R4000 prize. Congratulations to our 2021 Plennegy Square winners

Plennegy Square 2022 Winners | Greytown Golf Club

Longest Drive

Ladies 11th Teebox
Men’s 11th Teebox
Plennegy Golf Day 2022 Longest Drives | Greytown Golf Club

Closest to the Pin

3rd Hole
8th Hole
12th Hole
Closest to the pin for two on the 9th Hole
Plennegy Golf Day 2022 Closest to the Pin | Greytown Golf Club

Two Clubs

Plennegy Golf Day 2022 Two Clubs | Greytown Golf Club

Arcadia Golf Weekend Results 2022

The 8th annual AHEERS Arcadia Golf weekend was held on 22 & 23 May 2022. The players tee’d off on Saturday at Greytown at 10:30am.


ARCADIA would like to thank the following sponsors for their generosity:
Blue Crest Holdings
Build It – Greytown
Chubby Chickens
CPS Seedlings
Diedricks Panelbeaters
Engen Greytown
Greytown Country Club
Platt Plant Services
Rhino Charcoal
St Cathryn’s
Umvoti Fuel & Oil
Uncle Fish’s Meats

Full Field Results

PlayersSt. Cathryn’s TotalGreytown TotalFinal Total
D. Brown & D. Reed444589
G. Bye & W. Keeting404282
J.L. Rawstorne & M. Bloy354580
M. & T. Muller403878
C. Armitage & B. Venter364177
S. Bhuthelezi & O. Ndawonde344175
P. Nel & A. Liddemore324274
P. Waller & J. Meyer343973
L. & M. Estherhuizen353772
S. van der Merwe & C. Hooper343872
G. Ngubane & I. Khumalo313667
O. Naidoo & H. Msomi343266
T. Schuss & W. Price313263
L. Lotter & J. Denysschen362561
P. & M. du Preez263359
M. Scott & D. Meyer (Day 2)4141
D. Meyer & S. Russell3232
S. Jackson & B van der Ryst2626
D. Meyer & Ringo (Day 1)28
Full Field’s Results at the 2022 Arcadia Golf Weekend held at St. Cathryn’s & Greytown Golf Club this weekend.

Previous Year’s Results:

Arcadia Golf Weekend Results 2021

The 7th annual AHEERS Arcadia Golf weekend was held on 29 & 30 May 2021. The players tee’d off on Saturday at St Cathryn’s at 11:00. The winners of Day One were father and son Manie & Lushan Estherhuizen from Riverside on 44 points, closely followed Piet Nel and Mike Harrison on 43 points and…

Kammaland Golf Day 2022

Hosted on the 13th of August 2022 the Kamaland Golf Day celebrated 60 years of education at Kamaland.

Top 3 Results

1Sven Bruss
Mike Barrow
Tienie Muller
Fanie van Wyk
2Murray Mason
Andy Merson
Phill Waller
Nico Schneider
3Dean Brown
Dillon Reed
Vernon Hohls
Jeremy Hillhouse
Kamaland Golf Day 2022 Results

Special Prizes

Longest Drive

David Cunningham
Marianne Brown
Closest to the PinMurray Mason
Mike Barrow
Graham van der Veen
Paddy O’Sullivan
Kamaland Golf Day 2022 Results
Kamaland Golf Day 2022 Winners

Wembley College PA Golf Day 2022 Results

The annual Wembley College Golf Day was held in perfect weather albeit a bit windy on Saturday 27 August 2022 at Greytown Country Club. The sun was out unlike last year when the day had to be postponed due to snow.

80 players took to the fairways (for some) which is the biggest field ever. Thank you must go to every player for supporting the day and especially to the companies that sponsored players. Many prizes were also donated by the generous businesses around town and further afield. A very big thank you for the wonderful prizes. A new development this year was having the sponsors names on the new digital notice board outside the club. Thank you to Marianne Brown for uploading the names.

A big thank you to Sarina Robertson and her team from the Wembley PA for all their hard work in making the day a success.

A very big thank you to Bobby Pearson and his team for preparing the course and serving all the golfers during the day.

The winners were:

Sven Bruss and Kevin Pistorius on 46 points
John-Lloyd Rawstorne and Struan Cowie came in second also on 46 points.

Longest Drive

Ladies 11th Tee-boxFrann Scott
Men’s 16th Tee-boxPhil Waller
Wembley College PA Golf Day 2022

Closest to the pin

3rd holePaul du Preez
8th holeColin Hooper
12th holeAlan Adams
17th holeDillon Reed
Wembley College PA Golf Day 2022

Special Prizes

Scholar ISPMatt du Preez
Ladies ISPSamantha Brown
Most GolfMartin Ferreira & Corne Hattingh
Wembley College PA Golf Day 2022

Top 10 Results

PositionPartnershipsPoints on the 1st 9Points on the 2nd 9Total Points
1Sven Bruss
Kevin Pistorius
2John-Lloyd Rawstorne
Struan Cowie
3Dillon Reed
Samantha Brown
4Nico Schneider
Tristan Schneider
5Isaac Khumalo
Skhumbuso Buthelezi
6Mark Scott
Alan Adams
7Vernon Hohls
Dieter Meyer
8Vijay Roopai
Frann Scott
9Paul du Preez
Matt du Preez
10Troy Gifford
Josh Gifford
Wembley College PA Golf Day 2022

Click here to see the 2021 Results

Harmony Retreat Golf Day 2022

The inaugural Harmony Retreat Golf Day took place on Saturday the 10th of September 2022.

Thank you to the thirty two golfers that joined us for a lovely day on the course and welldone to our winners and runners up:

Prize Winners

1Astrid Gifford & Anna Roussow45
2Matt du Preez & Josh Gifford45

Full Field Results

Grant Goble
Tubby Larkan
Dave Odendaal
Jack Ridl
Dean Brown
Dave Watson
Richard Cyrus
Dieter Meyer
Martin Platt
Manoj Sewraj
Vijay Roopai
Owen Naidoo
Isaac Khumalo
Boy Zuma
Goodboy Ngubane
Bheki Mlangeni
Cavan O’Sullivan
Johno Napier
Donovan Wessels
Darryn Wilson
Troy Gifford
Paul du Preez
Mathew du Preez
Josh Gifford
Astrid Gifford
Annelize Roussow
Shane Eva
Matt Reed
Dillon Reed
Steve Young
Gareth Larkan
Kyle van der Merwe
Harmony Retreat Golf Day Field 2022

GCC Young Guns 2022

The first weekend of October this year the GCC hosted its first Young Guns Golf Weekend, to stir up a bit of GEES and fun for our younger golfers!

Hitting things off with the Young Guns Driving Compo under lights on Friday evening, the Young Guns weekend was a great success! Thank you to Sam Brown, Dillon Reed, Marianne Brown, Paddy O’Sullivan and Bobby Pearson for putting together a festive weekend!

We’d also like to thank our generous sponsors for the merriment they provided both on and off the course, much fun was had at the surprise stations around the field.

Driving Competition Results

Men’s Longest DriveJames Crowe
Men’s second longest Drive
Ladies Longest DriveSamantha Brown
Ladies Second Longest DriveKelly Pearson
GCC Young Guns Driving Competition Results 2022

Golf Day Results

1Dillon Reed
Kyle Edkins
Colin Corbishley
Jeremy King
Jack Yaden
2Linda Pieterse
Dawie Pieterse
Craig van der Merwe
Vernon Hohls
3James Crowe
Ben Crowe
Jeremy Braithwaite
Guy Daugherty
4Simon Culverwell
Nick Muller
Tysen O’Sullivan
Cavan O’Sullivan
5Sam Brown
Lauren Brown
Jess Brown
Hannah Pride
6Ryan Odendaal
Andy Merson
Daniel Smith
Andrew Culverwell
7Angela Blane
Kelly Pearson
Justine Pearson
8David Cunningham
John-Lloyd Rawstorne
Quintin Nel
Martin Bloy
9Nicholas Rottcher
Darren Odendaal
Matt Domleo
Ross Gordon
10Henry Liversage
Gareth Burne
GCC Young Guns Golf Day Results 2022

Longest Drive

Ladies 11th Tee-boxLinda Pieterse
Men’s 7th Tee-boxMartin Bloy
GCC Young Guns Golf Day Results 2022 | Longest Drive

Closest to the Pin

Ladies 3rd HoleSamantha Brown
Men’s 17th HoleNick Muller
GCC Young Guns Golf Day Results 2022 | Closest to the Pin

Photo Gallery

2022 Week 27 News

Our Pizza Oven is open during load shedding:

As the country battles to cope with level 6 load shedding over most meal times we’d like to remind everyone that the club’s Pizza Oven runs during load shedding and will be running at maximum capacity over this period to help out where we can.

Weekly Draw Results:

Last Friday night’s draw saw a fullhouse with all 100 tickets sold. Well done to this week’s winner, Joha Wilken, and many thanks to Matt Bunn for the sponsorship. The next draw is August 6th 2022.

Bowls is Back:

There is much excitement around the opening of the new Astro Bowls Green at the club which is scheduled to open this month.

Monthly Mug | July Results:

July’s Monthly Mug was supported by a strong field of 30 players. Well done to the winner of the A Division, John Loyd Rawstorne, and runner up Goodboy Ngubane. Congratulations to our first GCC Lady to win a Monthly Mug, Marianne Brown for winning the B Division! The mother-daughter combination kept things tidy this weekend with Samantha Brown coming in second in the B-Division.

Other Notable results:

Captain’s Putter: B. Khanyile

Most Stableford Points: Big Boy Ngonyama

Well done everyone, see you again next month

2022 Golf Captain’s of KZN Society Champions

The Golf Captain’s Society of KZN was founded on the 24th of October 1960 in the spirit of “Promoting good fellowship” and the enjoyment of good golf, food and drink. Each year current and past men’s captains of Kwa-Zulu Natal Golf Clubs and provincial teams are invited to join the club and to participate in the annual Gerry Shuttleworth Memorial Trophy. Although historically a club for men’s captains only, from 2022 onward all KZN ladies captains, past and present, are eligible for membership as well.

The club observed its 60th year anniversary in 2020 but owing to various COVID restrictions in 2020 and 2021 has only been able to celebrate the event this year. The Greytown Country Club is happy to report that our current and past GCC men’s captains, Patrick O’Sullivan and Tubby Larkan participated in the celebration hosted at Kloof Country Club on Monday the 27th of June 2022. Their fourball comprised of St. Cathryn’s Fanie van Wyk and Newcastle’s captain, Dick Lemmer. We’re even happier to announce that our captain’s did us proud and won the tournament with a combined total of 92 points.

Click for more information and past winners of the Gerry Shuttlework Memorial Trophy

From left to right: Dick Lemmer (Newcastle Golf Captain 2022), Fanie van Wyk (St. Cathryn’s Golf Captain 2022), Devlyn Fraser (Golf Captain’s Society Captain 2022), Patrick O’Sullivan (Greytown Country Club Captain 2022), Tubby Larkan (Greytown Country Club Captain 2019-2021)