Plennegy Golf Day


Founded in 1958, the Plennegy group’s roots and purpose revolve around agriculture, with its core business being that of growing food and servicing those that grow food to feed and nourish the continent and beyond. For more information click

The first Plennegy Golf Day was held in 2017.

Most Wins since 2017

Two Each

H. Msomi

M. Thusi



Two Scores to win

How to Enter

Details of how to enter Plennegy Golf Day


Past Winners


1st PlaceH. Msomi
M. Thusi
N. Ngobo
S. van der Merwe
2nd PlaceD. Cunningham
D. Meyer
R. Cyrus
T. Larkan
3rd PlaceB. Mhlangeni
G. Ngubane
M. Hlongwane
S. Buthelezi
4th PlaceJ.L. Rawstorne
P. du Preez
P. Hardy
R. Kimber
5th PlaceD. Pieterse
H. Jewaskiewitz
C. Isaacs
L. Pieterse
Men’s Longest Drive (11th Teebox)P. Hardy
Ladies Longest Drive (11th Teebox)L. Pieterse
Closest to the Pin (3rd Hole)B. Mhlangeni
Closest to the Pin (8th Hole) D. Brown
Closest to the Pin (12th Hole) M. Msomi
Closest to the Pin for two (9th Hole) D. Meyer
Plennegy SquareC. Isaacs
S. Buthelezi
B. Mlangeni
Two ClubsB. Mhlangeni
D. Cunningham
D. Meyer
E. Dlamini
J.L. Rawstorne
R. Odendaal
Plennegy Golf Day Results 2021 | Greytown Golf Club


Covid year


1st PlaceM. Mbuso
O. Ndawonde
S. Mothilal
2nd PlaceB. Khumalo
B. Mhangeni
J. Mlangeni
S. Mchunu
3rd PlaceL. Majola
M. Msomi
M. Thusi
N. Ngcobo
Plennegy Golf Day Results 2019 | Greytown Golf Club


1st PlaceB. Zuma
H. Msomi
J. Mlangeni
M. Thusi
2nd PlaceB. Mhangeni
G. Ngubane
S. Mchunu
X. Khumalo
3rd PlaceM. Muller
T. Larkan
T. Muller
S. Bruss
Men’s Longest Drive (11th Teebox)H. Msomi
Men’s Longest Drive (18th Teebox)J. du Plessis
Ladies Longest Drive (11th Teebox)R. Botha
Closest to the Pin (12th Hole)B. Zuma
Closest to the Pin (17th Hole)J. du Plessis
Plennegy Golf Day Results 2018 | Greytown Golf Club


1st PlaceC. Howells
J. Rawstorne
M. Bloy
T. Larkan
2nd PlaceE. Kassier
N. Roopai
O. Naidoo
V. Roopai
3rd PlaceB. Khumalo
B. Mlangeni
G. Ngubane
S. Machumu
Men’s Longest Drive (11th Teebox)F. Joubert
Closest to the Pin (12th Hole)R. Cyrus
Plennegy Golf Day Results 2017 | Greytown Golf Club
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