Midlands Quadrangular Golf Series


The Midlands Quadrangular Golf Series was established in 2021 & is a four part series played at Mooi River, Greytown, Noodsberg & St. Cathryn’s Golf courses.

Scoring is done by calculating the average points of each team each round.

2021 Results

Brief Summary of each round

The first round of the 2021 Midlands Quadrangular Golf Series, hosted by St. Cathryn’s Country Golf Estate on the 16th of January, produced a tight set of results leaving only decimals separating the top three teams. The nine man St. Cathryn’s team showcased some classy consistency & cohesion to contend with Noodsberg’s superstars losing the day by a meagre 0.24 points. After Round 1 Noodsberg’s Rudi Misselhorn leads the individual stableford with 41 Points. Final Team average scores: [N: 29.83] | [SC: 29.56] | [G: 29] and [MR: 27.27].

Round 2, hosted by Noodsberg on the 24th of April, saw Mooi River making a major comeback. After whittling down their team from eleven to seven, the MR
team achieved the highest average team score of 31.86 points this round, skyrocketing them up to 2nd position in the series, with Barry Veenstra & Luke Goldstone making massive contributions to their team. However, it still wasn’t enough to dethrone the Noodsberg powerhouse who brought their A game to their home course & lead the series with a total of 60.36 points. Meanwhile, neighbours St. Cathryn’s & Greytown kept things pretty tight for overall 3rd & 4th position after this second round. Round 2s team averages: [MR: 31.86] | [N: 30.53] | [SC: 27.3] and [G: 27.42]

Round 3 was Greytown’s turn to leverage the home course advantage on the 21st of August and our golfers did not disappoint. Peter Hardy put Greytown on the map in the individual stableford rankings by winning the day on 39 points. The comparatively populous twelve-man Greytown team performed as a well-oiled unit to produce the highest team average of the series, 34.42, usurping from Mooi River their hard won 2nd position in the series! Round 3s team averages: [G: 34.42] | [N: 32.63] | [SC: 29.00] and [MR 28.67]

The fourth and final round will be held at Mooi River Golf Course on the 16th of October. Keep Scrolling for each rounds’ results breakdown. Thank you to everyone who has joined in the fun thus far and we hope to see you all on the 16th. Special mention: Well done to the following eighteen players who have played all three rounds of the series & well done to Noel Bradley for the most consistent golf across all three courses: 

GolferTotal PointsTeamR1R2R3
Peter Hardy101G253739
Rudi Misselhorn100N412435
Kevin Pistorius96G332934
Mike Harrison95SC283235
Steve van der Merwe94G312637
Rowen Wortmann93N273135
Gareth Larkan92G322733
Andrew Bouwer92MR293132
Vijay Roopai91G292735
Andre Liddemore91SC362728
Fanie van Wyk91SC323227
Campbell Lister88N302830
Fred Bartels88N272338
Piet Nel86SC312134
Noel Bradley85MR292828
Dieter Meyer84SC322626
David Cunnigham81G252333
Fritz Volker70SC232720
Breakdown of Team Points
HostGreytownMooi RiverNoodsbergSt. Cathryn’s
St. Cathryn’s 16 January29.0027.2729.8329.56
Noodsberg 24 April27.4231.8630.5327.3
Greytown 21 August34.4228.6732.6329.00
Mooi River 16 October
Total to date:90.8485.8692.9987.52
2021 Teams
GreytownMooi RiverNoodsbergSt. Cathryns
16 JanuaryP. Hardy [25]
K. Pistorius [33]
S. van der Merwe [31]
G. Larkan [32]
V. Roopai [29]
D. Cunningham [25]
D. Pieterse [34]
O. Naidoo [32]
R. Cyrus [28]
M. Steyn [31]
M. Sewraj [27]
Y. Sewraj [21]
A. Bouwer [29]
N. Bradley [29]
B. Veenstra [25]
L. Goldstone [26]
J. Damman [34]
H. Bowler [24]
G. Els [32]
N. Barnard [29]
J. Berning [26]
M. Cannon [24]
A. Botha [22]
R. Misselhorn [41]
R. Wortmann [27]
C. Lister [30]
F. Bartels [27]
V. Drogemoller [37]
A. Albers [24]
H. Eggers [29]
J. Fortune [30]
D. Marx [26]
J. Hilerman [26]
M. Emmanuel [31]
H. Habermann [30]
M. Harrison [28]
A. Liddemore [36]
F. van Wyk [32]
P. Nel [31]
D. Meyer [32]
F. Volker [23]
T. Muller [29]
M. Muller [26]
W. Marais [29]
24 AprilP. Hardy [37]
K. Pistorius [29]
S. van der Merwe [26]
G. Larkan [27]
V. Roopai [27]
D. Cunningham [23]
D. Pieterse [32]
D. Brown [32]
S. Brown [26]
O. Naidoo [25]
N. Schneider [26]
M. Pretorius [19]
A. Bouwer [31]
N. Bradley [28]
B. Veenstra [40]
L. Goldstone [38]
J. Damman [29]
L. Serafino [31]
H. Bowler [26]
R. Misselhorn [24]
R. Wortmann [31]
C. Lister [28]
F. Bartels [23]
A. Albers [38]
H. Eggers [33]
D. Meyer [30]
J. Fortune [28]
D. Marx [30]
J. Hilerman [30]
R. Hillermann [38]
W. Meyer [37]
R. Schulz [34]
K. Meyer [32]
R. Eggers [22]
M. Harrison [32]
A. Liddemore [27]
F. van Wyk [32]
P. Nel [21]
D. Meyer [26]
F. Volker [27]
T. Muller [27]
M. Muller [18]
G. Tonkin [34]
M. Scott [29]
21 AugustD. Cunningham [33]
D. Watson [37]
D. Brown [34]
D. Reed [33]
G. Larkan [33]
K. Pistorius [34]
P. Hardy [39]
R. Cyrus [28]
S. Brown [37]
S. van der Merwe [37]
U. van Wyk [33]
V. Roopai [35]
A. Bouwer [32]
K. Gerrard [31]
L. Olivier [25]
L. Sarafino [30]
N. Bradley [28]
T. Hume [26]
B. Hirschowitz [28]
C. Lister [30]
D. Meyer [30]
F. Bartels [38]
M. Mason [35]
R. Wortmann [35]
R. Misselhorn [35]
V. Drogemoller [30]
A. Liddemore [28]
D. Meyer [26]
F. van Wyk [27]
F. Volker [20]
M. van Wyk [33]
M. Harrison [35]
P. Nel [34]
16 October



Scoring is done by calculating each teams average score per round.

How to Enter

To represent your local team in the Midlands Quadrangular Golf Series, please contact your Club Captain


Past Winners

IS: Individual Stableford

OCO: On Count Out


HostStandingsTotal Points after RoundIndividual Prizes [Points]
St. Cathryn’s
16 January
St. Cathryn’s
Mooi River
1st Place(IS): Rudi Misselhorn (N) [41]
2nd Place(IS): Vic Drogemoller (N) [37]
3rd Place(IS): Andre Liddemore (SC) [36]
24 April
Mooi River
St. Cathryn’s


1st Place(IS): Barry Veenstra (MR) [40]
2nd Place(IS): Andreas Albers (N) [38] (OCO)
3rd Place(IS): Luke Goldstone (MR) [38]
Closest to pin – Rudi Hillerman
21 August
Mooi River
St Cathryns
1st Place(IS): Peter Hardy (Greytown) [39]
2nd Place(IS): Fred Bartels (Noodsberg) [38]
3rd Place(IS): Dave Watson (Greytown) [37] (OCO)
Closest to pin 8/17 – Fred Bartels (Noodsberg)
Longest Drive 18 – Gareth Larkan
Mooi River
16 October
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