Jen’s Jug


Jen’s Jug was started in 1990 as a memorial in honour of Jen Mason, late wife and mother of Jack, Murray, James and Andrew Mason respectively, who was killed in a car accident in 1989. Jen was a very active member of the Greytown Ladies Golf at the time. The tournament has historically been a mixed tournament of a better ball format, with both a Ladies and Men’s Winner. In response to the dwindling numbers of women golfers in Greytown a new format is being implemented in 2021 to encourage a larger pool of female competitors.

A fun fact about Jen’s Jug is that Jack, Murray, Andrew and Juanita (Murray’s wife) have all won the tournament at some point over the past thirty years.

Event Date this Year

Sunday 25th April 2021

Teams with the Most Wins

Three Wins

Ronel & Flip Botha

Two Wins

D. Powell & P. Coetzee

S & L Bryan



Better Ball Format


4 Ball Alliance (1 Lady + 3 Men)

1 Lady to score + 2 men’s scores to count

Shotgun start

How to Enter

2021 Field is full. No Further 2021 entries available.


Holme Lacy Farm

(The Mason Family)

Past Winners

2020Shelley March & Big Boy Ngubane
tied with
S. Bruss & Gareth Larkan
2019Davie & Linda Pieterse
2018Flip & Ronel Botha
2017 Flip & Ronel Botha
2016 Flip & Ronel Botha
2015J. du Preez & K. du Preez
2014W. Slabbert & D. Meyer
2013P. Schwarz & G. Schwarz
2012J. Anderson & R. Anderson
2011Juanita & Murray Mason
2010C. Robertson & P. Robertson
2009G. Anderson & P. Anderson
2008D. Powell & P. Coetzee
2007A. Malunga & P. Khumalo
2006P. van der Berg & B. van der Berg
2005 D. Powell & P. Coetzee
2004A. Malunga & A. Moekoene
2003A. Malunga & N. van Blerk
2002S. Bryan & L. Bryan
2001H. Muldoon & B. Muldoon
2000D. Schoeman & V. Schoeman
1999D. Caldicott & K. Caldicott
1998M. Bradley & S. Kippen
1997B. Kippen & Jack Mason
1996No Record
1995 No Record
1994S. Bryan & L.Bryan
1993P. Paul & A. Mason
1992P. Ball & N. Harris
1991H. Lanterback & E…….
1990C. Naude & A. Auret
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