Greytown Golf Championship


The First Greytown Golf Championship was played in 1927 & won by Mr H.L.M. Forder. In 1941 the field was split into an A and B division. In 1947 the Harris Cup for the Ladies Golf Champion was introduced & was first won by Mrs. K. Manning. The Men’s field was split once more in 1955, introducing a C division. In 1984 the Kohne Trophy for the Senior Golf Champion was introduced.

Event Date this Year

Saturday & Sunday 10th & 11th April 2021

Most Wins to Date

Ladies Golf Champion

K. Manning (7)

C. Keevy (7)

G. Erasmus (6)

M. Hedley (5)

B. Kippen (5)

J. Koller (5)

M. McGregor (4)

Men’s A Division

G.C. Rowley (13)

A.J.S. Slatter (11)

P.C. Manning (8)

B. Mlangeni (7)

K.H. Kluver (4)

O. Ndawonde (4)

Men’s B Division

E.R. Browning (5)

Men’s C Division

F. Botha (3)

Best Net Score

To be confirmed

Senior Golf Champion

E.R. Browning (5)

P. Rowsell (4)



Men’s A & B Divisions work on Gross Scoring

Ladies & C Division work on Betterball Stableford Points

How to Enter

No Further 2021 entries available.


Farmers Agri-Care Greytown

(Paddy O’Sullivan)

Past Winners

Ladies Men’s
ChampionA Division ChampionB Division ChampionC Division ChampionBest Net ScoreSenior Golf Champion
YearThe Harris CupH.J. Comins Esq. 1927 TrophyA.G. Downard, Esq. Muden TrophyFrances, Nel & Stevens TrophyUmvoti Bottle Store TrophyKohne Trophy
2021Linda PieterseD. CunninghamT. MzilaR. CyrusT. Mzila R. Cyrus
2020No RecordB. MlangeniD. BrownT. LarkanD. BrownP. Koller
2019J. KollerB. MlangeniB.NgonyamaV. RooipaiE. Kassier
2018 J. Koller S. Buthelezi B.Ngonyama F. BothaP. Anderson
2017 J. Koller B. Mlangeni R. AndersonT. MullerT. Muller
2016 J. Koller B. Mlangeni G. NgubaneB. ElgesT. Muller
2015 J. Koller B. Mlangeni M. Mason F. Botha M. Caldicott
2014J. AndersonO. Ndawonde_. Mlangeni T. Muller T. Muller
2013 J. Anderson O. Ndawonde M. Steyn F. Botha M. Caldicott
2012No Record B. Mlangeni B. OehmeS. KhumaloB. Oehme
2011 No Record S. Buthelezi N. SykesG. de Nysschen B. Oehme
2010 No Record B. Mlangeni M. KhumaloS. van der Merwe B. Oehme
2009 No Record B. Mlangeni B. Oehme M. CaldicottS. Clarke
2008 No Record J. de Nysschen M. Mason E. MalungaNo Record
2007J. MasonB. DlaminiD. RheederA. Vosloo No Record
2006M. McGregor B. Dlamini M. de VilliersP. van der Berg No Record
2005 M. McGregor P. Els D. Rheeder P. du Preez No Record
2004 M. McGregor C. van ZylP. HardyD. Corbishley No Record
2003 M. McGregor B. Paterson M. de Villiers E. ClarkeE.R. Browning
2002B. GebersM. HarrisP. WhittingM. CorbishleyM. Prentice
2001C. KeevyJ. KeevyT. McGregorC. BroadfootJ. Crowe
2000 C. Keevy C. GilfillanD. DeaneK. PillayS. Clarke
1999 C. Keevy O. Ndawonde T. McGregor A. Channing-PearceS. Kippen
1998 C. Keevy J. KeevyP. O’SullivanC.F. SteynB. Simpson
1997B. KippenM. SteynR. SchroederJ. de VilliersS.C.L. Clarke
1996B. HarrisD. RyanW. GilfillanC. LangP.J.J. Crowe
1995 C. Keevy S.J. WhittleA.J. FarwellD. Caldicott E.R. Browning
1994 C. Keevy O. NdawondeS. BondesioC. van Rensburg E.R. Browning
1993 C. Keevy G.C. Rowley W. Gilfillan N. BrownP. Rowsell
1992 B. Kippen G.C. Rowley D.C. DrewK. Lauterbach E.R. Browning
1991 B. Kippen G.G. SkeltonG.G. SkeltonG.F. Steyn E.R. Browning
1990 B. Kippen E.P. SchnaarD. SchoemanP. CoetzeeP. Rowsell
1989 B. Kippen K.H. KluverG.S. KippenM.J. Prentice P. Rowsell
1988Y. VisickP.H. Rowsell G.G. Skelton K.C. Harris P. Rowsell
1987 Y. Visick K.H. Kluver S.C.L. ClarkeE.A. RottcherA.J.S. Slatter
1986 Y. Visick K.H. Kluver P. Froneman K.C. Harris A.J.S. Slatter
1985G. Erasmus K.H. Kluver G.G. Skelton P.G. MarchP. Schnaar
1984 G. Erasmus J. Verster D.C. Drew C. FronemanA. Maitre
1983 G. Erasmus G.C. RowleyA. FarwellB.D.L. PaulNo Further Senior Championship Records
1982 G. Erasmus T.B. MartinC.W. MaraisJ. Rowsell
1981 G. Erasmus G.C. Rowley B.D. ArmourD. Martens
1980 G. Erasmus G.C. Rowley E.R. BrowningG. Logie
1979E. O’Sullivan G.C. Rowley E.R. Browning P.H.G. Barnes
1978 E. O’Sullivan G.C. Rowley E.R. Browning P.N. Schnaar
1977H. Lauterbach G.C. Rowley H. FlemingB. Gordon
1976J. McDowell G.C. Rowley B.D. Armour T. Keys
1975 McDowell S. WulfsohnR. DunsterD. Beukes
1974J. Tingle G.C. Rowley G. EdwardsR. Potgieter
1973 J. Tingle G.C. Rowley R. Dunster P. Palmer
1972M. Hedley S. Wulfsohn S.C.L. Clarke W. March
1971 M. Hedley S. Wulfsohn R. AulfesNo Record
1970 M. Hedley G.C. Rowley A.J. Royden-Turner No Record
1969 M. Hedley P.H. Rowsell E.R. Browning G. Edwards
1968 M. Hedley G.C. Rowley E.R. Browning A. Clare
1967K. MoonE.V. MartensI.E. van RooyenG. Zietzman
1966 J. Tingle P.H. Rowsell A.C. TingleA. Clare
1965K. ManningA.J. Hill A.C. Tingle I. van Rooyen
1964 J. Tingle A.J. Hill A.C. Tingle M. Maitre
1963P.C. ManningA.J.S. Slatter S.C.L. Clarke M. Hill
1962 P.C. Manning A.J.S. Slatter A. HillM.E. Meek
1961 P.C. Manning A.J.S. Slatter C.F. NelE.L. Torlage
1960E.M. SlatterA.J. Royden-TurnerW.O.Y. StevensP. Rowsell
1959No Record A.J.S. Slatter J.S.S. MartensR.E.G. Rowley
1958 No Record E.M. JacksonL. SlatterC.F. Nel
1957 No Record A.J.S. Slatter D.C. HenricksenJ.C. Martens
1956E. Torlage A.J.S. Slatter A.J. HillD.L. Slatter
1955 E. Torlage A.C. TingleNo RecordA.J. Hill
1954 E. Torlage A.J.S. Slatter A.G. MilneNo Further C Division Records
1953B.M. SharpeP.C. ManningJ.M. Hattingh
1952K. Manning P.C. Manning M. de St. Pern
1951 K. Manning P.C. Manning V.J. Duncan
1950 K. Manning P.C. Manning M. de St. Pern
1949 K. Manning A.J.S. Slatter C.B. Harvey
1948 K. Manning P.C. Manning A.F. Freeman
1947 K. Manning A.J.S. Slatter D. Ingle
1946No further Ladies Records A.J.S. Slatter No Record
1945 A.J.S. Slatter R.M. Crawley-Boevey
1944 P.C. Manning C.P. Hickman
1943 P.C. Manning A. Allison
1942L.C. BlomefieldJ.A. McConachie
1941 L.C. Blomefield J.M. Hattingh
1940W.A.J. KnightNo Further B Division Records
1939 P.C. Manning
1938H.F. Cleaver
1937H.N. Walker
1936L.C. Blomefield
J.F. Handley
1935F.P. Counihan
1934 F.P. Counihan
1933W.B. Wilson
1932B. Ashfield
1931O.R. Nel
1930 O.R. Nel
1929W.T. Brown
1928 W.T. Brown
1927R.B. Niven
1926V. Penny
1925S.D. Melville
1924H.L.M Forder
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