GCC Young Guns 2022

The first weekend of October this year the GCC hosted its first Young Guns Golf Weekend, to stir up a bit of GEES and fun for our younger golfers!

Hitting things off with the Young Guns Driving Compo under lights on Friday evening, the Young Guns weekend was a great success! Thank you to Sam Brown, Dillon Reed, Marianne Brown, Paddy O’Sullivan and Bobby Pearson for putting together a festive weekend!

We’d also like to thank our generous sponsors for the merriment they provided both on and off the course, much fun was had at the surprise stations around the field.

Driving Competition Results

Men’s Longest DriveJames Crowe
Men’s second longest Drive
Ladies Longest DriveSamantha Brown
Ladies Second Longest DriveKelly Pearson
GCC Young Guns Driving Competition Results 2022

Golf Day Results

1Dillon Reed
Kyle Edkins
Colin Corbishley
Jeremy King
Jack Yaden
2Linda Pieterse
Dawie Pieterse
Craig van der Merwe
Vernon Hohls
3James Crowe
Ben Crowe
Jeremy Braithwaite
Guy Daugherty
4Simon Culverwell
Nick Muller
Tysen O’Sullivan
Cavan O’Sullivan
5Sam Brown
Lauren Brown
Jess Brown
Hannah Pride
6Ryan Odendaal
Andy Merson
Daniel Smith
Andrew Culverwell
7Angela Blane
Kelly Pearson
Justine Pearson
8David Cunningham
John-Lloyd Rawstorne
Quintin Nel
Martin Bloy
9Nicholas Rottcher
Darren Odendaal
Matt Domleo
Ross Gordon
10Henry Liversage
Gareth Burne
GCC Young Guns Golf Day Results 2022

Longest Drive

Ladies 11th Tee-boxLinda Pieterse
Men’s 7th Tee-boxMartin Bloy
GCC Young Guns Golf Day Results 2022 | Longest Drive

Closest to the Pin

Ladies 3rd HoleSamantha Brown
Men’s 17th HoleNick Muller
GCC Young Guns Golf Day Results 2022 | Closest to the Pin

Photo Gallery

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