Wembley College PA Golf Day 2021 Results

On Saturday the 20th of November the Wembley College Parents’ Association hosted their annual Golf Day Fundraiser. Twenty-one partnerships entered & a great day was had by all. Thank you to Dieter Meyer for co-ordinating the event.

Partnership1st 92nd 9Total
1N. Schneider & U. van Wyk252550
2D. Brown & M. Brown222345
3K. Barton & A. Barton152045
4T. Muller & M. Muller212243
5J. Ridl & G. Larkan222143
6N. Schneider & T. Schneider182442
7V. Roopai & F. Scott231942
8P. Waller & O. Naidoo172542
9H. Msomi & G. Ngubane192140
10J. du Preez & E. Kassier201939
11I. Khumalo & E. Dlamini172239
12J.L. Rawstorne & T. Larkan201939
13D. Cunningham & A. Bulman221739
14R. Cyrus & M. Cyrus192039
15M. Steyn & S. van der Merwe192039
16S. Cowie & J. Scott171936
17A. Liddemore & M. Crowe191534
18I. Hill & A. Mason161733
19J. King & L. Brown112132
20G. Larkan & R. Hull121729
21P. du Preez & M. du Preez141428

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