Greytown Squash Club switching to LED

The GCC Squash club have something big to boast about! Over the weekend of the 12th of November 2021 the Greytown Squash Club invested in going green & supporting the C40 goals to reduce global carbon emissions by replacing the fluorescent lights on both our squash courts with energy efficient LED lights. Not only do LED tubes have a much longer lifespan (50 000hrs or 22 years based on the GCC’s average daily light use) & much higher light quality, but they have been proven to be up to between 70% and 80% more energy-efficient than fluorescent tubes [Click for Reference].

A massive thank you to local electrician, Jitesh Mewa, for the installation, as well as Keveen Ramsamooj, Mike Barrow and Martin Platt for your contributions.

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