Monthly Mug July 2021

Saturday 3 July 2021

The Monthly Mug will be held this Saturday with the following provisions due to COVID 19 Level 4 Regulations:

4 ball or 3 balls & your selected Tee-off times are please to be posted on the GTN Golfers Group this week.

There will be a Pick-Up-‘n-Go station at halfway house for all participants to collect your sustenance.

When your 18 hole round is complete please leave your SIGNED scorecards in the relevant Monthly Mug Box at the Bar before leaving.

Positions will be announced on Sunday Morning & no prize giving will be held due to COVID Level 4 regulations.

July 2021 Monthly Mug Tee-Off TimesFourball / threeball
08:00G. Larkan
T. Larkan
D. Meyer
K. Barton
08:30D. Brown
D. Watson
B. Pearson
J. Lake
R. Cyrus
08:45D. Cunningham
M. Bloy
J.L. Rawstorne
M. Sewraj
09:00D. Pieterse
L. Pieterse
10:15P. O’Sullivan
Scott 1
Scott 2
S. Eva
11:00S. van der Merwe
M. Steyn


Net Scores

A Division

PlayerNet Score
F. van Wyk70
M. Bloy71
D. Watson73
D. Cunningham75
J. Lake75
J.L. Rawstorne75
S. Buthelezi78
M. Thusi78
G Larkan79
D. Meyer79
M. Steyn80

B Division

Player Net Score
T. Larkan66
M. Muller70
T. Muller72
M. van Wyk73
I. Khumalo74
D. Pieterse75
M. Scott76
M. Sewraj77
D. Brown78
L. Pieterse78
S. van der Merwe79
R. Cyrus79
P. O’Sullivan80
B. Pearson81
S. Eva83
F. Scott84

Gross Scores

A Division

PlayerGross Score
D. Watson76
M. Bloy78
S. Buthelezi80
D. Cunningham80
F. van Wyk80
G Larkan83
J. Lake83
J.L. Rawstorne85
M. Thusi89
D. Meyer90
M. Steyn91

B Division

PlayerGross Score
M. Muller84
T. Larkan86
D. Pieterse88
I. Khumalo89
D. Brown91
T. Muller91
P. O’Sullivan92
M. Scott93
L. Pieterse96
S. van der Merwe97
R. Cyrus97
B. Pearson99
M. Sewraj99
S. Eva101
F. Scott110
M. van Wyk127

Handicaps & Points

A Division

F. van Wyk1036
M. Bloy735
D. Watson333
J.L. Rawstorne1032
M. Thusi1132
D. Cunningham531
J. Lake831
S. Buthelezi228
D. Meyer1128
G Larkan427
M. Steyn1126

B Division

T. Larkan2040
M. Muller1436
T. Muller1934
D. Pieterse1333
I. Khumalo1532
M. Scott1730
M. Sewraj2230
R. Cyrus1829
L. Pieterse1829
D. Brown1328
S. van der Merwe1827
P. O’Sullivan1226
B. Pearson1825
S. Eva1824
F. Scott2623
M. van Wyk5421

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