Torlage Match Play Cup

The Torlage Match play was started in 1938 and was played up until 2004. This year the Greytown Golf Committee is re-introducing the competition.

The Torlage Match Play Cup is a playoff between the top eight ranked male golfers of the Greytown Golf Championship. If any of the highest ranked golfers decline the invitation to participate in the Torlage Match play, the opportunity is offered to the Championship participant with the next highest ranking.

This year’s top eight ranked golfers are:

GolferHandicapGross Score
1D. Cunningham146
2D. Watson146
3S. Buthelezi149
4O. Ndawonde150
5X. Khumalo154
6T. Mzila156
7J.L. Rawstorne158
8H. Msomi

The first round of the 2021 Torlage Match Play will be played until the end of May 2021. The fixtures between the top eight Championship players will be set & player pairs may then decided when to play their fixtures before the end of May.

Thereafter, the date of the Semi-finals and Finals will be allocated.

1st Round of 2021 Torlage Match Play

Player APlayer BDate PlayedResult
Dave CunninghamJohn-Lloyd RawstorneD. Cunningham through to Semi finals 2 & 1 Victory
Dave WatsonThuba MzilaNAT. Mzila withdrew due to Injury
S. ButheleziH. Msomi NAS. Buthelezi through to Semi’s as H. Msomi forfeited
O. NdawondeX. KhumaloX. Khumalo through to Semi’s after winning 3 & 2.
2021 Torlage Match Play Round 1 Results

Semi Final

Welldone to our Semi Finalists

D. Cunningham

D. Watson

S. Buthelezi

O. Ndawonde

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